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Top Five Controversial Breast Feeding in Public Photos

Breast feeding in public has always been a controversial topic. Other cultures, who aren’t so scared of their various appendages are world’s ahead of us in terms of self-confidence and tolerance towards nudity, but here in America many of us don’t even know what a foreskin looks like. Even though breast-feeding is one of the most inherently natural activities you can engage in, women who breast-feed in public are often shamed, teased, or asked to cover up, even though half the population also has a pair of tits hanging off their chest? Why is this?

breast feeding in public

Up next, baby hair extensions.

I think the problem is that most people consider breasts as genitals, and view them in a sexual way, which is also fucked. That is why I am glad it is legal for women in New York to walk around topless, and I wish more women did it so everyone would become desensitized to a set of bare boobies. My stance is, if your baby is hungry, you have the right to feed the little bastard, no matter where you are, or who is looking. The more women that take a stand and do this, the less taboo the topic will become.

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