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16 Health Uses of Organic Honey

Written by andy

Organic honey is one of my favorite things in the world to eat. It makes a delicious addition to this Apple and Yoghurt Parfait, and it’s the perfect syrup to top this stack of Almond and Yoghurt Pancakes. It’s definitely one of the tastiest sweeteners around!

But, not only is it absolutely delicious, but it’s one of the healthiest substances on the planet. Check out these 20 uses for organic honey:

  1. Metabolize Alcohol — Take a spoonful or two of honey when you’re hung over, and the fructose (sugar) it contains will help your body metabolize the alcohol more quickly.
  2. Kill Parasites — Got stomach parasites? Mix vinegar, honey, and water, and drink it down to get rid of the pests.
  3. Promote Healthy Skin — Want to clear up blemishes and sun spots? Apply a bit of honey to your skin, and massage gently. You’ll find your skin is much healthier in no time!
  4. Heal Damage — Got a cut, burn, or scrape? Apply honey to your wound, and let it sit. It acts as a natural antiseptic to keep away infections, and it will speed up healing time.
  5. Help Your Throat — Worried about a sore throat or a cough? Drink a cup of lemon juice mixed with water and a tablespoon of honey, and the honey will clear the throat infection right up.
  6. Condition Your Hair — Mix honey with a bit of olive oil and apply it into your hair. Let it sit for 20 minutes before rinsing out. Your hair will be lustrous and glossy in no time.
  7. Moisturize Skin — If you’ve got dry spots on your skin (your poor elbows!), apply a bit of honey to the dry patches. Let it sit for half an hour before you rinse it with warm water, and you’ll find your skin is nicely hydrated.
  8. Relax Your Muscles — Pour a couple of tablespoons of honey into your bathtub, and let it soothe your tired muscles. With a bit of essential oils, you’ll feel relaxed and at ease.


  1. Kill Pimples — Dab a bit of honey onto your pimples, and let it sit for 20 minutes. By the time you wash it off, the honey will have cleared up the zit visibly.
  2. Increase Energy — Honey is a great source of energy, so adding a tablespoon or two of it into your daily cup of tea will be much healthier than drinking over-sweet coffee.
  3. Lower Calories — If you’re baking or cooking, why not use honey instead of sugar? It may change the flavor slightly, but it’s far lower in calories–not to mention far less refined.
  4. Prevent Chapped Lips -­- Honey makes for a great lip balm, so apply it to your lips when you feel them drying out. If you can resist the temptation to lick it all off, you’ll never have to use chapstick again.
  5. Fight Cancer — The flavonoids in honey are a natural antioxidant, which will help to reduce toxins and fight the spread of cancer.
  6. Improve Digestion — Honey can help to reduce peptic ulcers in your stomach, and will aid in a smooth, healthy digestion.
  7. Fight Germs — Honey is a strong anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal agent. Use it to help keep away any germs and pathogens that could attack your body!
  8. Boost Performance — Athletes all the way back in Ancient Greece used honey to boost their performance, so suck down a spoonful of the stuff before you hit the gym or basketball court.

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