Bride and Groom’s Crocs Cake Looks Like Poo

crocs cake for a wedding
Written by Ruth K

Wedding cakes are by far the greatest part of the celebration – aside from the love, of course! However, one groom took his love of rubber footware and served up a crocs cake for his guests.

This is definitely not a joke

A picture of the cake was shared on a Facebook group that’s it, I’m wedding shaming. The post read, “Came up in my timeline and I had to share.” This is second only to the time a woman caused Internet outrage by uploading pics of her grown out acrylic nails to another Facebook group.

crocs cake

The post quickly gained a ton of comments, and some weren’t particularly pleasant. Turns out crocs cake was just as controversial as the shoe itself.

One comment simply read; “noooooope.”

crocs cake

The cake’s design was not the only thing that got people’s attention. One user was particularly miffed by the fact that there were two cakes at the wedding – the bride’s and the groom’s.

“This is disgusting in every possible way. And groom’s cakes are the ****** stupidest thing. As if the wedding cake is the ‘bride’s cake.’ GTFO,” the user wrote.

crocs cake

Some members of the group were quick to note that the crocs cake resembled poop. The comment read “it looks like a turd.”

Others maintained that the cake looked more like an alligator, with one user joking; “It looks like an alligator and I’m sure the croc does not want to look like an alligator lol.”

crocs cake

Fortunately, someone took the time to compliment the crocs cake. The user wrote, “Yeah it’s terrible but incredibly well made.”

The amount of slamming the cake took is more than enough to maybe deter others from making the same choice.

But with this comment, we can’t really be sure, “Crocs AND camo. Neat. She’s a lucky lady.”

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