British Man Just Proved You CAN Fly with Just Balloons

Written by Bryce

Seriously, you can fly with nothing but balloons and the will to rise.

If you think this is a joke, it’s not, and some British guy named Tom Morgan is living his best life as a modern day Webster. For those of you too young to remember Webster, here’s a reference so you’ll understand the rest of what’s happening here.

That tiny, adorable comedian actually flew off a park bench thanks to a bunch of ultra-inflated helium balloons. While I can’t say for sure that Webster inspired Tom Morgan, I can say the chance are decent.

Morgan, from Bristol-based company The Adventurists, flew 15.5 miles and soared to heights of roughly 8,000 feet above Johannesburg, South Africa. How did he do it, you’re wondering? He first tried this balloon stunt in Botswana, but it didn’t work out (he’s lucky to be alive, frankly) so he tried his luck in South Africa by grabbing a chair and about a hundred party balloons. Totally betting this’ll be the hot new trend for social climbers, too.

What. What. What?

This is real news, people. The balloons in question were relatively normal and all available in normal party stores, ranging from your typical 12″ diameter variety on a string, to a few wider, bolder five foot wide balloons. If you’ve ever been to a birthday party, wedding, or bar mitzvah, that’s what we’re talking about here.

Have a look for yourself, because it’s pretty inspirational, if not entirely dumb:

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