Bryce Gruber’s Thoughts of the Day (same clothes edition)

Written by Bryce

You can only be young once. But you can always be immature. -Dave Barry

1. My Favorite Thing About Facebook. Before I go into the whole thing, I’m going to accept partial blame for this because I put up a somewhat suggestive, raunchtastic profile photo about a week ago. I recognize that might have something to do with the recent onslaught of pervvy requests and messages. Anyway, I frequently get facebook messages that start out with subject lines like “84 friends in common!” or “have we met?” or “were you at my party?” No, sir, I was not at your party. Unless we met at the playground, no, we haven’t met. I assure you. And we only have 84 friends in common because I happen to know a lot of people on a somewhat basic level as a function of my work… so don’t worry, our 84 friends in common aren’t people who share any genetic ties, kindergarten photos, or memories of first kisses.

One of my fave exchanges from this morning went like this:

Him: Hi Bryce, how have we not met? I feel like I should know any girl in see thru tights better… hahahaha. Right? So funny that you know Jason, how do you know him? We play basketball together and hang out a lot. We are really tight. I work at UBS as a VP and live in Murray Hill- I do well for myself hahaha. Let me know if we can catch up over drinks. -M
Me: I shared a bio class with James during freshman year of college… we never spoke much, but he added me on facebook about a year ago.
Him: So how bout those drinks?
Me: I’ll likely be with my son that day… doing mom stuff.
Him: You can bring the kid, but only if you wear those tights hahahaha
Me: And the boyfriend? Sounds like a fun family day. Maybe if you’re lucky I’ll adopt you and let you borrow my surname!
Him: I mean, is it serious? I guess it is with the kid hahahaha but what about the boyfriend? I could be your piece on the side.


2. I’ve Made A Decision. I’ve gone the first 26 years of my life not wearing lipstick… in fact, the best I’ve ever done is a coat of mildly tinted lip gloss or maybe even a gentle lip stain marker, but I’ve never been one of those super trendy chicks that are native to places like Brooklyn with the high buns and hot pink lips. I also recognize that I probably won’t be able to pull that look off in 20 years, so I think I’m going to start doing it now… even if just for a few weeks. I had the pleasure of watching a great makeup artist turn Ashley’s lips into fun, magical pillows of bright pink goodness at the Bite Beauty event yesterday and I left totally inspired.

3. We’re All Progressive In Our Own Way. Over the past several days I’ve had several interesting coversations with people regarding the things we all do as humans that make us progressive. Even the most conservative people (shout out to republicans living on the Upper East Side) have little tinges of experimental, progressive behavior. Every person exhibits their progressions differently- for some of you it’s dating outside your religion or race, for others it’s opting out of the family business, or even deciding to glue rhinestones to your crotch in a very public way even though you’re pretty chaste (I mean, I’ve heard some people do that). The point is, I think when we all become extra conscious of it we can reach way beyond our existing comfort zones. Whatever it is, I think it’s healthy to push forward… forever.

4. Cannes Again? It’s been nearly a year since I was at the Cannes Film Festival with my good friend Yu Ming of FreshnessMag, and I’m itching to go back. May looks like it’ll be insane (Los Angeles twice, I’m moving, and starting a few huge projects) but I think I can find another 72 hours of non-sleep to cross the Atlantic and party like a beast on the red carpet in the name of art and cinema!

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