Bumper Cars: The Only Way Women Can Drive in Saudi Arabia

saudi arabia bumper cars
Written by Gary

Saudi Arabian bumper cars for women.

In Saudi Arabia, bumper cars are the only way women can drive.

saudi arabia bumper cars

I wouldn’t say I am a huge proponent of bumper cars because I feel like it’s a one-way ticket into a chiropractor’s office (at least at this age), but if that was the only way I could drive, I would probably change my mind.

As you probably know, women aren’t allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia, so bumper cars have become an alternative to being able to drive actual cars. The amazing thing about it is that these women aren’t actually using the cars to bump into each other, but are instead practicing their driving skills by driving alongside each other.

The Al Shallel Theme Park in the city of Jeddah has a weekly ladies night, where women can relax and go for a short, five-minute drive without fear of breaking the law.

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There is an art project around this by artist Arwa al-Neami, who has been following the bumper car movement and documenting it in a series of photos called’ Never Never Land’.

I won’t talk smack about Saudi Arabia for having dumb laws since I live in a country where up until recently you could buy an assault rifle at Walmart, but it really sucks that the only way these women are allowed to experience the freedom of driving is in a confined area, for five minutes, in a glorified go-kart that doesn’t even have A/C.

saudi arabia bumper cars

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