Five Awesome Life Hacks for Cat Ladies

cat life hacks
Written by Gary

Take good care of your cats by utilizing these life hacks.

cat life hacks

I am not a cat person, by any means. When I was a kid I tried to capture a kitten that was hiding in a milk crate and it swiped me with its poison claws. I have never gotten over that, so I will choose a dog over a cat every time.

I can understand why people love cats though, especially lazy people that don’t want to walk a dog twice daily. Cats are also great for lonely spinsters, because they basically take care of themselves until they die, lonely and forgotten, underneath the couch of a hoarder.

If you are a cat person though, you should make an effort to make your cat’s life as joyous as possible, so it doesn’t smother you in your sleep, or eat you after you die alone. Here are some life hacks that might help you do just that.

You’re welcome.

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cat life hacks

Hide your pussy’s litter box in an extra cabinet with a privacy curtain on a tension rod.

cat life hacks

Tear up some cheap Ikea furniture to create an exercise tower.

cat life hacks

Use carpet sample swatches for cheap scratching tiles.

cat life hacks

Use acrylic nail covers to keep your cats from scratching your eyes out.

cat life hacks

Create a winter shelter for the feral cats in your back yard that you can’t bring yourself to adopt.

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