Who Pays For The Date?

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When the check comes, how do you handle the bill?

We have to thank our lucky stars for Vogue. When they’re not answering the hard-hitting questions of fashion journalism, they’re teaching us a lesson on dating. A recent article talked about answering the new question of dating: who picks up the check?

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One of the things I noticed in the article is that all the Vogue staffers agreed that they at least reach for their wallet. Should we be splitting though? One writer says that the chicest way is to handle the check before it even comes. Which kind of is the dream.

However, gender roles have been blurred and internet dating hasn’t made things easier. Personally, I’m a firm believe that whoever asks pays for the date. It’s polite to offer to split, but if you take me up on the offer, I get a little turned off. The same goes for me, if I ask you out, and you offer to split, I’ll think it’s cute but I won’t take you up on the offer.

A few people on Twitter have mentioned that it’s a hard rule for dating that a woman should always at least make a reach. Another Vogue staffer reminds us that after the expenses of getting ready for a date (i.e. blowout, wax, lipstick) that you’ve basically paid for a five-course meal. However, being Vogue they of course got to the bottom of the same-sex couples date dilemma. They suggest that the older person pays.

I’m sticking to my guns here. If I ask you, I pay. If you ask me, you pay. I’ll offer but if you take me up on splitting the bill, I won’t be splitting my legs.


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