The Cat Pack Backpack

cat pack
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Cat backpacks!

The Cat Pack backpack: finally, there’s a comfortable way to expose your cat to the world.

cat pack

Back when I had a dog, it was a common occurrence for me to tote her around in a messenger bag. I took that little adventurer with me everywhere, from road trips to upstate New York to the TGI Fridays in Penn Station. She had an obviously elegant life, and that taught me something very important– dogs have the kind of temperament that allows you to take them anywhere and everywhere, whereas cats would probably try and outsmart you and escape.

Until now, cat ladies have had to deal with this unfortunate set of circumstances. I mean, cats are cute and self-sufficient, but traveling with them? Le sigh. A new breed of cat carrier appropriately called “Cat Pack” recently came along and changed the cat carrying game. Cat Packs are basically backpacks with ventilation and windows that allow people to tote their cats around in public. The bags come in all shapes and sizes and feature three types of windows; a bubble window, flat window, and standard screen. The feeling of your cat becoming an astronaut is a free added bonus.

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No longer will cat lovers have to hide their obsession in the shadows. No longer will cats be relegated to boring lives spent sunning by an open window, or jumping around your entire apartment without touching the floor. Cat Pack backpacks are the new wave of feline liberty and style.

cat pack

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