A Church Made of Trees

tree church
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A church made of trees.

New Zealand boasts a very real church made of trees– and yes, they’re living testaments to the power of spirituality.

tree church

I have never been a real church-goer. When I was a kid, the only time we went to church was for Easter egg hunts, or to pick up some canned goods around Thanksgiving and Christmas (we may have been godless heathens, but even godless heathens have to eat). One thing that has always fascinated me (and frankly, disturbed me) about churches is the grandeur of the architecture. While I love it, it seems to stand in direct opposition to the ides of charity and simple, pious living. But who knows, I’m a godless heathen, after all.

A New Zealander named Brian Cox shares my sentiment apparently, because he spent four years of his life building a church made of trees. Literally. It’s exactly what it sounds like– a church made of trees because actual, living trees are the backbone of this prayer-space’s architecture.

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Cox owns a gardening company called Treelocations, and uses huge mechanical spades that allow him to plant in nontraditional ways. Using those spades, he was able to build the entire tree church in only four years, which is a feat unto itself.

The most awesome part of this all is that the church is located in Cox’s own back yard. Say what you will about organized religion but if you are going to worship, it should be in a church made of all natural ingredients. Organic spirituality, if you will.

tree church tree church tree church

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