Caviar is Getting Cheaper- Sign of Apocalypse?

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Russian scientists have just made our lives that much better- they’ve developed a way to harvest the roe (or caviar) from a beluga hybrid without actually killing the sturgeon! What does that mean? That means more caviar, cheaper, and it will finally be animal-friendly.

Rather than being culled, like elsewhere in the world, the female fish is what can best be called “milked”, gently and harmlessly. Each time a fish is milked it can produce up to a quarter of its weight in caviar. This approach not only makes caviar more accessible but also helps preserve this increasingly scarce and beautiful fish… Russia halted commercial harvesting in 2002. Five years later, the sale of sturgeon and black caviar were banned altogether. Poaching escalated, and so did the prices. Now, the country is trying to return to the heady days of Soviet caviar abundance.

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