Celeb Spotting: Lindsay Lohan To Host SNL, World Has No Idea Why

Written by Olga

Lindsay Lohan is still doing stuff – like hosting Saturday Night Live.

Can someone please explain to me why Lindsay Lohan is still famous? According to every gossip blog on the Internet, Lindsay Lohan will be hosting “SNL” and no one knows why. Bitch has no new movie coming out nor has she had a career in years. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait to watch the live train wreck that will take place when she hits that stage. In fact, I’ll be in front of my television with a bag of popcorn, a bottle of wine and bells on. But I still don’t understand how this bag of silicone keeps getting work.

So, there’s only one thing left to do: create a drinking game!

The rules:

1 shot whatever alcoholic beverage you have every time LiLo botches a line.

2 shots every time LiLo tries to imitate Marilyn Monroe.

1 shot every time LiLo passes out mid sentence.

3 shots ever time LiLo attempts “sexy face.”

I hope you don’t black out before the show is over – although I’m pretty sure LiLo herself will be.

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