Celeb Spotting: The Only Funny Skit From Lindsay Lohan On ‘SNL’

The verdict is in: the only ‘SNL’ skit Lindsay Lohan was any good in was in The Real Housewives of Disney.

So, how shittastic was Lindsay Lohan on ‘SNL’ last Saturday night? I mean, what a disappointment. There was one gem in the mountain of blown lines (no pun intended) and stiff performances (again, no puns intended concerning Lilo’s face). Anyway, here’s the only sketch Lindsay was an good in: The Real Housewives of Disney. But let’s be honest, it was Kristen Wiig who turned that skit into gold. By the way, RHOD needs to be a for real show. I’d watch that hilarious parody every week, even if Lindsay Lohan was in it. Make it happen, NBC!

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