Classy People Binge Drink From Champagne Bongs

champagne bong
Written by Gary

The Chambong (a champagne bong) will change the way we drink champagne forever.

champagne bong

I generally only drink champagne on Sundays for brunch, or whenever I am just generally feeling classy AF. As you know, I am from Florida, so I rarely actually feel classy at all. This champagne bong changes everything, though.

Made by a company called Chambong, this new drinking apparatus bridges the gap between the trashiness of beer bongs, and the eternal elegance of a champagne flute. For those of you who didn’t enjoy college, the champagne bong works like any other bong. You pour champagne in one end, leaving about an inch empty on both ends. Then, you lift the bong, and gravity forces the bubbly down your throat. Imagine a bubbly, delicious, and celebratory throat attack. It’s just like that.

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Not a bad idea for weddings, right? I mean, everyone is just there to get wasted anyways. My only concern is that champagne is one of the drinks that gives me a horrible hangover the next day, and I can only imagine what guzzling that much carbonation would do to my insides.

Still, it’s worth it just to say that I drank champagne from a bong like a fancy bitch.

champagne bong

champagne bong

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