Charades On Your Wall

Written by Vivianne

I would never want to date a millionaire for the flashy jewels, the fancy purses, the big house or the private jet. If I had a sugar daddy, I would ask him to buy me a Monet. And a few Klimt’s. Hopefully a big Dali as well. Of course, at least three Corno‘s. All I’d ask for is the privilege to manage a kickass, larger than life art collection.

So you’ll find me in Miami each and every year drooling in front of paintings especially and dreaming about how I can make this happen for myself without having to marry a boring banker. 😉

In the meantime, I am getting some satisfaction in buying limited-edition serigraphs from emerging artists I love, such as SF-based Jenn Porreca, who just released a print of “Charades,” one of her best paintings to date in my opinion, on archival paper.

“My influences are heavily European and Asian, my love of pantomimes, street performers, and fashion and performance arts. I’m painting my life, my interest in myth, and also the struggles of women in a modern society,” she explains when asked about her aesthetics.


And guess what? It’s only $50 (a mega deal in conjunction with Art Basel) – so I don’t need to hustle for it. 🙂

Get one for yourself or a loved one here (perf holiday gift) and please follow Ms. Porreca on Twitter @jennporreca. She’s rad.

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