Chardonnay Go = Pokemom Go for Moms, Because Wine Games

Written by Bryce

Wine games make the world go round, so blogger Dena Blizzard created Chardonnay Go, the mom-friendly version of Pokemon Go.

Unless you’re completely unaware of what’s going on with the world, Pokemon Go has basically conquered our planet and has no intention of looking back. Young and old alike are roaming neighborhoods looking for Charmanders and using bizarre Poke-fied words that aren’t even real. This is where society is, but comedian Dena Blizzard realized that there’s only one realistic way to get moms in on the action, so she created her own wine games version — Chardonnay Go.

chardonnay go


In a video that has now been viewed 15 million times, Blizzard explained the new game on Facebook.

“Did you know there’s an app for moms called ‘Chardonnay Go’ where you can actually find glasses of chardonnay all over your neighborhood? And it’s really simple. There’s actually a glass really close to my house right now. Let’s go find it — let’s ‘Chardonnay Go!'” Blizzard says in the video.

You can find Dena scoring free glasses of Chardonnay all over her Mooresville, New Jersey town. She’s no stranger to finding a glass in some shrubs, a stranger’s home, or even from the back of a random man’s pants.

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