Here’s Where We Found Cheap Hand Soaps Online

cheap hand soaps online
Written by Bryce

Yes, they’re still shipping.

Whether you’ve fallen behind on your Coronavirus quarantine preparation list, used up all your soap, or just looking to stock up on more without the insane price-gouging that’s hit online retailers like Amazon — we feel you. You don’t need to rush back out to the supermarket for affordable hand soap options, especially when governors across the country are begging people to stay home and everything related to cleanliness seems to be sparsely stocked at best. We found cheap hand soaps online and they’ll deliver right to your door across the United States and Canada in a matter of days.

Scented, foaming hand soaps are still shipping from Bath & Body Works

Your tried and true scented favorites from your unofficial high school best friend, Bath & Body Works, are currently on sale for an affordable 4-for-$20 or 6-for-$26 price tag. That includes liquid hand soaps, foaming varieties, unicorn-themed varieties that will excited even the most bored homeschoolers, and cheer-building scents.

You can check out the entire collection of hand soaps available to ship across the United States and Canada here. Flat shipping rates start at $5.99 for orders over $10.

Please, whatever you do, stay home as much as possible. Work on your Instagram skills, order some new scrunchies, and encourage social distancing in your own community.

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