Childhood Immunizations: Where Do You Stand?

The childhood immunizations debate is one of the most polarizing on the playground– where do you stand?

A few days ago I went to pick up my five year old from school, as I do just about every day, and waited outside the class with a stack of other mothers. I overheard a nearly eruptive what do you mean you didn’t vaccinate conversation that left me a little shaken– two women who had been friends for the past two years straight were having a fall out in front of my very own eyes. One mother was staunchly on the side of science suggesting immunization, and the other seemed deeply devoted to the belief that immunizations were wrong, caused costly mistakes, and were linked to government propaganda.

Where do you stand on the issue?

Also, if you like destroying illnesses and watching House of Cards, this is for you:

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  • It’s very irresponsible to not vaccinate your children. I am friends with a woman who had polio as a child. Ask her how she feels about it. It makes me really angry.

  • I think it’s totally irresponsible not to vaccinate and threaten the welfare of other children. If you are against it, home school.

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