China Fashion Week 2010

Written by Lisa

Need we say more? China. Fashion. Week.

I doubt I will ever in my life be noteworthy enough to attend any Fashion Week events anywhere in the world, so it’s maybe a little ridiculous to provide any sort of insight and/or ridicule (…but isn’t that sort of a natural reaction? To make fun of things you’re not allowed to be a part of…?)…although technically it’s Tom & Lorenzo who are providing commentary/images of China Fashion Week 2010.

They’re definitely right about the eye-popping. And the strange.

I think the most memorable has to be Yarn Man…(…although Tom and Lorenzo beat me to the punch with those accordian pants…)…and I really do like the black and white cutout dresses – I would maybe even wear two of the four – and if I really wanted to make a splash, perhaps I’d give those big turquoise heart-shaped glasses a whirl…

Via Tom & Lorenzo

Via Tom & Lorenzo

Via Tom & Lorenzo

Via Tom & Lorenzo

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