Chinese Village Taken Over by Nature

chinese nature village
Written by Gary

This Chinese village was abandoned and reclaimed by nature.

chinese nature village

As anyone who has experienced the ridiculous weather we have had in the last two years knows, Mother Nature can be a bitch. Global warming aside, nature is a powerful force to contend with, so its pretty unsurprising that the Chinese village of Houtou Wan was retaken by the wilderness after its abandonment 50 years ago.

Originally a fishing village, the island of Houtou Wan was left for dead after fisherman overpopulated the bay in the Yangtze River. Now only a few stubborn locals remain, selling bottled water to tourists and living their lives with no electricity or running water.

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Recently, people have been flocking to the village to witness the ultimate power of Mother Nature, which is evident in the leafy ivy that covers basically every surface.

Living in New York City, I can think of no better place to commune with nature and get grounded than and old fishing village with more plants than people.

chinese nature village

chinese nature village

chinese nature village

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