4 DHT Blocker Side Effects You Should Know About

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DHT blocker side effects: is stopping hair loss really worth it?

Many people who see themselves losing hair try desperately to stop the hair loss. They try all sorts of crazy remedies and solutions, all so they can cling to those last few thinning hairs.

DHT blockers are one of the more common supplements tried. The supplements are supposed to block DHT, which in turn helps to increase the production of the other hormones that play a role in your hair health.

But are these DHT blockers really worth it? Here are a few DHT blocker side effects you need to know about:

  1. Loss of money — You may spend a small fortune purchasing DHT blockers (usually on Amazon or at GNC), but how effective are they really? You’ll find that a lot of people who take these DHT blockers don’t notice any difference in their hair loss rate, much less any serious re-growth (like the products offer). You may very well end up losing hair at pretty much the same rate–the only difference will be that your wallet is much emptier! We happen to like this DHT blocker formula with probiotics, though.
  2. Low libido –– One of the major side effects of DHT blockers is that they block the production of dihydrotestosterone. This hormone is up to 10 times stronger than testosterone, meaning it is a vital component in your sexual health. If you block the hormone, your health suffers. Many of the men taking DHT blockers report that they have low libido, meaning they have less desire to have sex. For too many men, this is a deal-breaker!

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  1. Prostate problems –– While DHT blockers won’t cause prostate problems, they can contribute to them. Your sexual and reproductive organs require a very specific balance of hormones in order to function properly. If you block one of the hormones, the others get out of balance as well. This could lead to higher production of estrogen or androgen than is healthy, leading to prostate problems. Anything that blocks healthy hormones is something to be taken with much caution and consideration.
  2. Erectile difficulties –– What do you think gives you (men) hard, long-lasting erections? I’ll give you a hint: testosterone. If you block testosterone, even DHT, your erections are guaranteed to suffer. You may have a hard time getting an erection in the first place, and maintaining it for long periods of time will definitely not be possible. Some men taking DHT blocks complain that they can no longer achieve full erection, and that is only partially due to their lowered sex drive. Without all the testosterone your body needs, your “happy fun time parts” are going to suffer as well!

The main problem with DHT blockers is that they are simply “supplements”! What does this mean?

  • There is little or no testing to ensure that they are safe and effective. Manufacturers can mix ingredients that will have the desired “effect” of blocking DHT, but without understanding how the blocker will affect other parts of your life and wellbeing.
  • There are no FDA guidelines or regulations. The FDA doesn’t regulate supplements, so there is very little quality control over these DHT blockers. They can be made with all sorts of harmful ingredients, and you’d never know it because the manufacturer doesn’t need to disclose it!
  • There is very little research. It’s difficult to find any medical studies that point to blocking DHT as being a viable, safe, and effective solution for treating hair loss. This means that the supplements are being sold using “hype” rather than solid evidence–never a good thing when it comes to messing with your health!


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