Chocolate Babka-Stuffed Donuts Exist, Not Fake News

Written by Bryce

Chocolate babka-stuffed donuts exist and it’s the realest news of all time.

If you’ve been a fan of chocolate babka since the beginning of time, you’re in good company, and while the world may seem like a volatile place — the Heavens have sent carb-heavy reinforcements to encourage goodness. Chocolate babka and donuts have officially fused, giving way to a delicious lovechild being referred to as the chocolate babka-stuffed donut, and it’s everything your fantasies have ever looked like (except maybe not having a job, because you probably still have to go to work).

This is what chocolate babka-stuffed donuts look like. Borderline NSFW, we say.

The recipe was developed by the team at The Salty Donut in Miami, an adorable donut boutique, which is known for seemingly crazy donut mashups like sticky bun donuts, rainbow donuts, and now, praise be, a chocolate babka donut. We think it’s more valuable than even the world’s most expensive donut, the gold-plated travesty that took over the news last year.

The idea had been lingering on staff’s minds for a while, but it wasn’t until a sit down with executive pastry chef Raceni that everyone finally had their aha moment — that a tiny, mini babka needed to be made first, and then put inside an over-the-top donut encasement. The result? A beautiful blend of brioche dough, simple syrup, chocolate ganache, chocolate and nut streusel, and the souls of angels.

Before they’re dipped in donut, they’re chocolate babka dough


Right now the chocolate babka donuts are $6 each at the store’s outpost in Miami, and they’re unable to ship beyond the local Miami metro area, but they did offer some hints as to how to recreate the recipe at home in case you’re feeling brave and hungry.

“We braid together standard brioche dough and chocolate brioche dough.” If you want to keep yours dairy-free, you can obviously use a standard challah recipe in place of a brioche version. “Between the layers we smother it with a homemade chocolate spread and top it with a chocolate and mixed nut streusel before it’s baked to perfection. We then infuse the mini babka with simple syrup to create a moist, soft, chocolatey perfection. Once the mini babkas are done, we mix the chocolate and standard brioche doughs together to make a marbled master dough, which is then laid out flat, spread with the same chocolate spread and chocolate-nut streusel. The mini babkas are then placed on the laid out dough, and the dough is hand-wrapped around the mini babkas. They’re proofed and fried to perfection.”

Rumor has it The Salty Donut is also offering them in other flavors like brown butter and salt, guava and cheese, and even a sweet tea and lemonade combo that’s sort of like a southern Jewish girl’s ode to Arnold Palmer. Add it to must-eat list somewhere between Negroni donuts and vegan mermaid donuts.

Is this a box of heaven or what?!

We’re just hoping they keep these on the menu long enough to make it to the next National Donut Day. And if you’re wondering, bringing a homemade plate of chocolate babka-stuffed donuts if probably the most glorious thing to bring your Rosh Hashana host ever.

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