25 Gifts for Women in Their 30s

Written by Allison

The best gifts for women in their 30s

Finding the perfect gift for the woman in your life is no longer a stress! We’ve polled our closest friends and, ahem, ourselves, to generate a list of the best gifts for women in their 30s. Some of these are blow out Christmas gifts for women in their 30s, others just a nice little pick me up. And in no particular order, 22 gifts for women in their 30s. (If you’re in need of a Christmas Gift for women in their 20s, we’ve got you covered too.)

Every Possibility: Gifts For Women In Their 30s

This Cast Iron Skillet

Will every woman in their 30s want a cast iron skillet? No, of course not. But if your lady loves to cook, a cast iron skillet is a perfect gift! They can last a life time and won’t break the bank.

SMEG Toaster


If there is ever a time to have a baby blue SMEG toaster in your life, it’s your 30s. This is the most extra kitchen appliance she can’t help but to Instagram.

The ever-famous Instant Pot

Instant pots are the new crock pot without the soggy dinner at the end. Pick her up an Instant Pot and her Pinterest dreams will come true.

Hunter Rain Boots

If you live in a rainy climate, a good pair of rainbows will never go amiss. These Hunter cuties are popular again to keep your feet dry, and as a fashion statement.

Hunter Boot Socks

Give her some cozy boot socks while you’re at it. They’re a natural set with the boots.

Cozy winter socks

Socks are often joked about as a crappy gift but I don’t know one single woman in her 30s that wouldn’t love a nice pair of socks. Opt for fun patterned ones like these, or go luxury with cashmere.

Cozy winter sweater

An oversized sweater is always a good idea.

A layering cardigan

This gorgeous cardigan by Madewell is sure to be a hit. It’s chic and simple but goes with absolutely everything.

A top-notch robe

A robe that isn’t made of fleece, overly sexy, but not too modest? Sign us up.

LuLu Dharma Metallic Clutch (it’s reversible, too!)


lulu dharma clutch in silver

The gold and silver tones of this fun bag are perfect for any season, and the semi-reversible style makes it a fun switch-up for women of just about any age or fashion persuasion. Plus, it’s super affordable.

A gorgeous leather tote

If she’s more of a carry absolutely everything kind of gal, get her a gorgeous leather tote bag like this one by Rebecca Minkoff.

Fun earrings

These earrings won’t break the bank but they’re surprisingly luxe! A fun little gift for women in their 30s.

Smile Direct Club Whitening Pens

smile direct club whitening pens

They’re easy to use, whiten on the go or at home, and are totally affordable. If she’s been drinking coffee, tea, or sodas for decades, this will definitely be a well-appreciated token (plus, it’s under $30).

Crazy Foam Wonder Woman Face Mask Set

wonder woman face mask set

Aside from this set of three sheet masks being under $13, it’s the most obviously appropriate choice for the true Wonder Woman in your life. They’re hydrating, easy to use, and make for the best Instagram stories ever, obviously.

Pai-Shau Mini Volume Teaser Gift Set

pai shau mini volume teaser gift set

This lift-giving luxury hair set is the Christmas gift she didn’t know she needed, but totally does. It hydrates weightlessly, resulting in the healthiest, best-smelling hair of her life that won’t go limp.

MesoLyft Skin Microneedling Pen

mesolyft microneedling

If she’s addicted to all things skin and beauty, she’ll love this very on-trend microneedling pen. It helps erase sun damage and sun spots, takes just a minute or two to use, and offers medispa-like results at home.

A very-posh gift box from Bouquet Bar

bouquet bar

How adorable are these little sets that include everything from sweets to flowers? Sending a Bouquet Bar gift box is the easy-peasy way to get the right reaction in one shipment.

A funny book

Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan is the funny beach read she needs. The movie is just coming out – treat her to a book and a show!

Un-killable ZZ Plant

The ZZ plant is the up and coming houseplant your lady will love. If she has a black thumb, no worries, they’re really difficult to kill. It’s one of the best bathroom plants to soak up smells, too.

Insta-worthy Monstera plant

If she loves Instagram, she’ll love a monstera plant. They’re not as easy going as the ZZ plant but they are gorgeous!

Face mask pack

If she’s a skincare fanatic she’ll love this mask pack that exfoliates, hydrates, and decongests.

Coco-Rose body scrub

Fancy body scrub? Always a good choice.

Creme De Corps

Follow up that scrub with arguably the best body cream of all time, Kiehl’s Creme De Corps.

Gua Sha Tool

The Gua Sha tool is a new find for most of us but we’re loving the simplicity of facial massage. And yes, Gua Sha for acne healing is a thing!

Foreo Luna

If she’s more techy, try the Foreo Luna instead. It’s much more gentle than the Clarisonic, and has massage capabilities too!

Dyson hair dryer

If she blow dries her hair most days, upgrade her blow dryer to The blow dryer. The Dyson hair dryer is pricy but worth the cash.

A daily wear perfume

Atlier Cologne makes lovely, simple scents that she’ll love! Pick up Vanilla Incense for winter or Orange Sanguine for summer.

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