Complete List of Black Friday DVD Deals!

DVDs are super duper stocking stuffers, gifts for friends & co-workers… and we found them really cheap from Amazon.com!

17 Again (DVD) $14.99
2001 A Space Odyssey (Blu-ray) $9.49
2001 A Space Odyssey (DVD) $11.49
24 Redemption (DVD) $7.99
24 Season Seven (DVD) $19.99
300 (DVD) $8.99
300 Limited Edition Collector’s Copy (DVD) $23.49
A Christmas Story (Blu-ray) $15.99
A Christmas Story (DVD) $10.49
A Clockwork Orange (DVD) $10.99
A Miser Brothers’ Christmas Deluxe Edition (DVD) $10.49
A Nightmare On Elm Street (DVD) $7.49
A Walk To Remember (DVD) $6.49
Amadeus (Blu-ray) $13.99
American Girl Three Pack (DVD) $17.99
American History X (DVD) $5.99
An American Christmas Carol (DVD) $5.99
Another Cinderella Story (DVD) $8.49
Appaloosa (DVD) $5.99
August Rush (DVD) $7.99
Australia (DVD) $9.99
Batman Begins (Blu-ray) $11.49
Batman Begins (DVD) $7.49
Becket (DVD) $11.99
Beetlejuice 20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition (DVD) $8.49
Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead (DVD) $7.99
Blazing Saddles (DVD) $5.99
Bleach Uncut Season 1 Box Set (DVD) $24.49
Bleach Uncut Season 2 Box Set (DVD) $24.49
Blood Diamond (DVD) $5.99
Blow (DVD) $5.99
Body Of Lies (DVD) $11.99
Borat Cultural Learnings Of America (DVD) $5.49
Bullitt (Blu-ray) $8.49
Carrier (DVD) $20.99
Cash Back (DVD) $8.99
Christmas In Wonderland (DVD) $4.99
Citizen Kane (DVD) $11.49
Constantine (Blu-ray) $9.99
Dark City Director’s Cut (Blu-ray) $9.99
David Lynch’s Inland Empire Limited Edition (DVD) $16.99
Die Hard (DVD) $5.49
Dodgeball A True Underdog Story (DVD) $5.49
Dodgeball A True Underdog Story Unrated (DVD) $5.49
Dracula Dead And Loving It (DVD) $5.79
Dragon Ball Z Season Five (DVD) $19.99
Drive In Cult Classics (DVD) $4.99
Elf (DVD) $8.99
Empire Of The Sun (DVD) $6.99
Enron The Smartest Guys In The Room (DVD) $7.99
Flight Of The Conchords The Complete Second Season (DVD) $20.99
For The Bible Tells Me So (DVD) $12.99
Forbidden Planet (DVD) $11.49
Fred Claus (DVD) $11.99
Friday (DVD) $7.49
Full Metal Jacket (DVD) $7.99
Full Metal Jacket Deluxe Edition (Blu-ray) $10.99
Funny Guy Collection (Blu-ray) $21.99
Gabriel Iglesias Hot And Fluffy Live From Bakersfield $7.99
Gettysburg (DVD) $5.49
Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past (DVD) $11.49
Giant (DVD) $11.49
Gilmore Girls The Complete Seventh Season (DVD) $14.99
GoodFellas (Blu-ray) $10.99
GoodFellas (DVD) $11.49
Gremlins (DVD) $7.99
Hallmark Collector Set V.1 (DVD) $9.99
Happy Feet (DVD) $11.49
Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets (DVD) $8.99
Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire (Blu-ray) $14.99
Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix (DVD) $8.49
Harry Potter And The Prisoner of Azkaban (DVD) $8.99
Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone (DVD) $8.99
Harry Potter Years 1-5 (Blu-ray) $54.99
Heathers 20th High School Reunion Edition (DVD) $6.49
Heathers THX Version (DVD) $5.99
Henry Poole Is Here (DVD) $5.99
Horror Classics 50 Movie Pack Collection (DVD) $11.99
House Of Wax (DVD) $6.49
How The Grinch Stole Christmas (DVD) $12.49
I Am Legend Ultimate Collector’s Edition (DVD) $21.99
I, Robot Two Disc All Access Collector’s Edition (DVD) $7.49
Igor (DVD) $7.99
Inkheart (DVD) $11.49
Interview With The Vampire (DVD) $7.49
Into Great Silence (DVD) $16.99
Into The Woods (DVD) $12.99
It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown (DVD) $12.49
Jeff Dunham Arguing With Myself (DVD) $6.99
Jeff Dunham Spark of Insanity (DVD) $7.99
Jim Gaffigan Beyond The Pale (DVD) $7.99
John Adams HBO Miniseries (DVD) $20.99
John Pinetter I’m Starvin’! (DVD) $6.99
Jumper Two Disc Special Edition (DVD) $6.99
Jumper/Transporter/Transporter 2 Pack (Blu-ray) $21.99
Kit Kittredge An American Girl (DVD) $7.49
Last Chance Harvey (DVD) $7.99
Les Miserables The 10th Anniversary Case In Concert (DVD) $18.99
Lions For Lambs Full Screen Edition (DVD) $5.49
Lions For Lambs Widescreen Edition (DVD) $5.49
Little Shop Of Horrors (DVD) $5.99
Live And Let Die (DVD) $6.99
Live Free Or Die Hard (Blu-ray) $15.49
Live Free Or Die Hard Unrated (DVD) $6.99
Love And Basketball (DVD) $5.79
Mad Money (DVD) $7.49
Man On Fire Two Disc Collector’s Edition (DVD) $6.99
Man On Wire (DVD) $10.99
Marley And Me (DVD) $9.99
Meet Me In St. Louis (DVD) $11.49
Message In A Bottle (DVD) $6.49
Mr. & Mrs. Smith Unrated (DVD) $6.99
Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium (DVD) $7.99
Mrs. Doubtfire Behind The Seams Edition $7.49
My Big Fat Greek Wedding (DVD) $5.98
Napoleon Dynamite Like The Best Special Edition Ever! (DVD) $6.99
Naruto Uncut Box Set Vol. 16 (DVD) $29.99
National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (Blu-ray) $17.49
Nights In Rodanthe (DVD) $11.49
Nim’s Island (DVD) $7.99
No End In Sight (DVD) $8.99
Now And Then (DVD) $6.49
Observe And Report (DVD) $11.49
Ocean’s Eleven (Blu-ray) $9.99
Office Space Special Edition With Flair (DVD) $7.49
Orphan (DVD) $11.49
Pan’s Labyrinth (DVD) $7.49
Paris Je T’Aime (DVD) $6.99
Peanuts Holiday Edition (DVD) $22.99
Peanuts I Want A Dog For Christmas Charlie Brown (DVD) $10.99
Planet Earth The Complete BBC Series (Blu-ray) $40.99
Planet Earth The Complete BBC Series (DVD) $30.49
Poltergeist (DVD) $7.49
Practical Magic (DVD) $5.99
Predator (DVD) $7.49
PS I Love You (DVD) $8.99
Quantum of Solace (Blu-ray) $9.99
Quantum of Solace (DVD) $8.99
Righteous Kill (DVD) $14.49
Robin Crusoe On Mars Criterion Collection (DVD) $26.99
RocknRolla (DVD) $5.99
Rocky Two Disc Collector’s Edition (DVD) $7.49
Ron White You Can’t Fix Stupid (DVD) $6.99
Ronin (Blu-ray) $9.49
Scooby-Doo/Scooby-Doo 2 Monsters Unleashed (DVD) $8.49
Secondhand Lions (DVD) $6.49
Sergeant York (DVD) $10.99
Seven Brides For Seven Brothers (DVD) $11.49
Sex And The City The Movie (DVD) $11.99
Singin’ In The Rain (DVD) $11.99
Slumdog Millionaire (DVD) $7.99
Slumdog Millionaire (DVD) $7.99
Spaceballs (Blu-ray) $8.99
Speed (Blu-ray) $8.99
Star Wars The Clone Wars (DVD) $8.99
Sunshine Cleaning (DVD) $8.99
Supernatural The Complete Third Season (DVD) $14.99
Taken (Blu-ray) $14.99
Taken (DVD) $9.99
Terminator 3 Rise Of The Machines (Blu-ray) $9.49
The Adventures Of Robin Hood (DVD) $11.49
The Bodyguard Special Edition (DVD) $6.49
The Boondock Saints (Blu-ray) $11.99
The Bucket List (DVD) $8.99
The Color Purple (DVD) $11.49
The Complete Thin Man Collection (DVD) $28.99
The Corporation (DVD) $16.99
The Dark Knight (DVD) $8.99
The Day After Tomorrow/I, Robot/The Terminator (Blu-ray) $21.99
The Departed (Blu-ray) $10.99
The Departed (DVD) $7.49
The Devil Wears Prada (DVD) $5.49
The Exorcist (DVD) $7.99
The Goonies (DVD) $6.99
The Jewish Americans (DVD) $18.99
The Last Samurai (Blu-ray) $10.99
The Living Daylights (DVD) $6.99
The Lord Of The Rings The Fellowship Of The Ring (DVD) $7.99
The Lord Of The Rings The Return Of The King $8.49
The Lord Of The Rings The Two Towers (DVD) $8.99
The Marx Brothers Collection (DVD) $17.99
The Mission (DVD) $10.99
The Namesake (DVD) $4.99
The Nativity Story (DVD) $8.99
The NeverEnding Story (DVD) $5.99
The NeverEnding Story/The NeverEnding Story II (DVD) $7.49
The Nightmare On Elm Street Collection (DVD) $24.99
The Notebook (DVD) $8.99
The Orphanage (DVD) $7.49
The Outlaw Josey Wales (DVD) $7.49
The Outsiders The Complete Novel (DVD) $11.49
The Passion Of The Christ (Blu-ray) $8.99
The Phantom Of The Opera (DVD) $5.99
The Polar Express (Blu-ray) $17.49
The Polar Express (DVD) $8.49
The Polar Express/National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation/Elf/A Christmas Story Pack (Blu-ray) $42.99
The Red Balloon (DVD) $9.99
The Searchers (Blu-ray) $7.99
The Secret Life Of Bees $9.99
The Shining (DVD) $7.99
The Shining Two Disc Edition (DVD) $11.49
The Silence Of The Lambs (Blu-ray) $8.99
The Simpsons Movie (DVD) $7.99
The Simpsons The Complete Ninth Season (DVD) $12.49
The Simpsons The Complete Tenth Season (DVD) $12.49
The South Beach Diet Super Charged Workout (DVD) $7.99
The Terminator (Blu-ray) $7.49
The Ultimate Matrix Collection (Blu-ray) $51.99
The Visitor (DVD) $6.99
The Wedding Singer (DVD) $6.49
The World’s Fastest Indian (DVD) $8.99
Thunderball (DVD) $6.99
Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride (Blu-ray) $9.99
Top Chef New York Season 5 (DVD) $13.99
Training Day (DVD) $5.49
Traitor (DVD) $7.99
V For Vendetta (DVD) $6.49
Valkyrie (DVD) $9.99
Very Special Christmas Special (DVD) $7.49
Waitress (DVD) $4.99
Waitress Full Screen Edition (DVD) $4.99
Walk The Line Two Disc Special Edition (DVD) $6.49
Warner Brothers Classic Holiday Collection Vol. 1 (DVD) $15.99
Watchmen Director’s Cut (Blu-ray) $16.99
Wedding Crashers (Blu-ray) $9.99
Wedding Crashers (DVD) $5.99
What Happens In Vegas Extended Edition (DVD) $6.99
William Shakespeare’s Hamlet (DVD) $10.99
Windtalkers (DVD) $7.49
Woodstock 3 Days Of Peace & Music (DVD) $9.99
Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! A Tail Of Tails (DVD) $9.49
X-Men 1.5 (DVD) $7.49
X-Men The Last Stand Collector’s Edition (DVD) $6.49
X2 X-Men United (DVD) $6.99
Yes Man (DVD) $11.99
You’ve Got Mail Deluxe Edition (DVD) $5.99

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