3 Foods That Boost Concentration

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Need to focus? Try chowing down on some of these options.

I’ll admit it. There are times at the office where I feel like I’ve got absolutely nothing done. There are also times where I really get everything I need to get done in record time. Maybe it’s because I spend a solid hour of my day on Twitter or chowing down on a cheesesteak but it’s also probably because I have zero concentration.

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Dark Chocolate

For one, this is a great snack for many reasons and you can simply keep it at your desk for those days you’re lagging. Dark chocolate boosts your endorphins and serotonin levels which helps with concentration. They say one square of dark chocolate during an afternoon slump should get you back on track.


I will take any excuse to eat salmon. It’s seriously just too good. If you didn’t know, Salmon is filled with omega-3 fatty acids that help sharpen the brain and keep you on track of what needs to get done. Maybe I should put down the cheesesteak? Probably not.


Another perfect desk side snack. If you feel like you’re slipping, throw some blueberries in your mouth. They’re rich in antioxidants and have also been known as a memory booster. If your day is made up off looking at the internet and reading e-mail, then this would be ideal for you.


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