Coolhaus Dairy-Free Ice Cream Exists Now

coolhaus dairy free ice cream
Written by Bryce

Start saving your calories, Coolhaus Dairy-Free is a THING.

We’re looking at you, lactose-free friends. This is the news day you’ve been waiting for, because Coolhaus dairy-free ice cream is now officially a thing, and it’s high on our list of reasons to skip extra vegan jello shots this weekend and devote the calories entirely to the pursuit of frozen goodness.

coolhaus dairy-free ice cream sandwiches

They come in both pints and “sammies” (the Coolhaus-specific term for ice cream sandwiches), and pack all the regular ice cream flavor without any of the dairy gut-punch. Six-packs of sammies can be shipped start at $59.99, and packages of pints start at $72. Coolhaus was founded by women, and is now leading the way in the world of premium ice cream cookie sandwiches, pints, and bars — so it’s all kind of perfect, right? You can view the map of where ground shipping is free here, but generally speaking, if you’re east of the Mississippi — you’re in for a quick treat, shipped free.

They’re obviously going to be added to our list of the best gifts for women in their 20s, because we’ve never met a woman who didn’t want more ice cream options. And yes, ground shipping is free. You can mix and match your flavor picks, but we’re positive Coolhaus dairy-free ice cream in Cookie Dough Lyfe flavor will invigorate your lactoseless spirit. That’s a scientific fact.

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