Copper Gold Samsung Galaxy S5: yay!

Written by Bryce

What’s coppery gold, helps you stay connected, and will make even your purse a secondary accessory? The new Samsung Galaxy S5, that’s what!

If you’re already droidtastical, this one will up your chic quotient by about 1000%. I mean, it’s a gold do-it-all-device. The Gold Samsung Galaxy S5 also features HDR photo capabilities, better photo editing, and a “Shot and More” feature to help determine the best mode for a photo after shooting.mode for the photo after its been shot.

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This is totally a phone for the girl on the go– it features an Ultra Power Saving Mode to be used when you need to conserve your last bits of battery. Perfect for Fashion Week or getting stranded on a desert island.

Available end of May 2014. More info here.


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