Cover Dirty Little Habits With Style

Written by Maura

The summer tends to make me 3 things: lazy, tan and broke. Thanks to my crap luck, I am NOT tan..but lazy and broke are for sure perfect adjectives to describe summer Maura. I like to believe that this is a common issue with women during the summer..its hot, there is more going on and you start to resent having to shave your legs practically every damn day. You don’t have the time, energy or budget to get a pedicure that will only be ruined by the end of your weekend spent with toes in the sand. Knowing full well that I am plagued by these attributes every summer I have come up with a few ways to cover up our dirty little habits. First off..leggings. I know what you are thinking, its too hot for leggings, but on the contrary, at night when it gets cooler, leggings can be your perfect alternative for jeans. Especially when they are super sassy like these Free People ones you can find at Macy’s. I love to sneak on leggings on the days that I might be a little lazy and not want to shave my legs to wear my little hoochie shorts(as my sister likes to call them).

Free People Krissy's Zipper Leggings $38.25

Free People Krissy's Zipper Leggings $38.25

As for my scrotty, unpedicured beach toes..they are just not pretty and no outfit no matter how sassy will hide that. However, some sweet ass kicks will. My solution is to put on my Roos. Oh hells yea, Roos are my shit..they come in these fly colors (I have the turquoise) and are great for hiding those nasty toes with style. I’m loving the summer fun color situation, and they are only $40 which is just right for my wallet!

KangaROOS Magnolia $40.00

KangaROOS Magnolia $40.00

So if you are going to be a lazy mofo like I am then at least do it with reasonably priced style, and these are a great way to start!

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