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Cramps in hands? Try these easy remedies.

cramps in hands
Written by Allison

Cramps in hands? No biggie!

As someone who spends the vast majority of every day typing, having cramps in hands has become something of a daily occurrence — and was messing with my nail art game. Hand muscles, man, they just don’t love typing. When cramps in hands happen, they really only get worse until you release the tension. I’ve found the best way to release those hand cramps is through massage, follow my fool-proof routine below!

Massage techniques to relieve cramps in hands

First up is the base of the thumb. This is an area that can get stressed from all types of repetitive motions. To massage this area, simply press with two fingers on the inside of the thumb, and one on the outside. This allows you to put pressure on the muscle from both sides. Massage gently and move on to the next step: the pinky muscle.

Learning the art of gentle pressure is also the first step to other massage tips, like massage for edema reduction and massage to increase scalp circulation.

For the pinky, we’re just switching it up. Because this area is much smaller than the bulky thumb muscle, we’re using the two fingers on the outside of the hand for support. Using one finger, massage the muscle with a light pressure, working your way up and down the side of the hand. Once you’ve worked out the tension in the sides of the hands, then you can move on to your fingers.

For fingers it’s easier to stretch than it is to massage. Like any stretch don’t push it too hard! You only want to stretch, not injure your self. Using your other hand as a support, bend your fingers upwards and downwards, holding for ten seconds each.

Wrist massage techniques

cramps in hands

It’s not all about the fingers when you have cramps in hands. You need to loosen up the wrists as well. Just like that last finger stretch you’ll use your other hand as a support and guide to stretching your wrist. Again, you’re not looking to pull your wrist as hard as you can up or down, just stretching enough to release any tension.

Stretch that wrist out by moving up and down, holding for ten seconds each.

The last step is clasping your hands and interlacing your fingers. This can help with any remaining finger stress! When your hands are clasped, rotate your wrists in light circles to make sure you’ve lightly stretched every angle.

Other remedies for cramps in hands

If that doesn’t fix your cramps in hands there are several other techniques you can try.

  • Warm compress – you can warm a damp wash cloth and rest it on your sore hands, just make sure it’s not too hot! You can also run warm water from the tap over your hands
  • Hand compression gloves – many people who experience pain from arthritis find compression gloves helpful.
  • Adjusting hand activity – Although you may not be able to change your job, repetitive motions can cause pains. Try to find a way to give your hands a rest throughout the day.
  • Stay hydrated – dehydration can be a cause of muscle cramps. Make sure to stay hydrated to keep the muscle cramps at bay.

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