Crazy Obituary Spotting (really)

Written by Bryce

I’m dying to know why this information is relevant (it’s a pun, get it?).

Just because it’s a Saturday morning and there’s a good chance you’re just lounging around in your underpants looking for crazy obituaries to satisfy your appetite for mental adventure. Here you go, champ:

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for circumcision… I mean, I’m a Jew, we celebrate peen choppings with bagel platters and sweet wine. It’s just the “circumcised with his dad’s pocketknife” part that really makes me queasy and confused. Was there no better way? Also, I assume one Chan’s children wrote the obituary and I’m left with only two possible explanations for this:

  • The kid was really pissed that Dad didn’t leave much money


  • Dad was really proud of his schlong’s rich history and his last dying wish was to share his bravery with the world

Either way, I dunno. Happy weekend.

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