Creepiest Church Singing Group Ever

This church singing group may be the reason Atheism is on the rise.

I never went to church much as a kid, except of course for free Easter egg hunts and to pick up donated food for our Thanksgiving dinner.

Thus, being raised in a religiously ambiguous house there are a few things I feel like I missed out on.

If I had attended church more, I might have a much stronger connection with creepy old men who are way too friendly with children.

If might even have been lucky enough to experience a ridiculous shit-show of epic proportions, like the one featured in this video.

If I had been so fortunate, I might also know the words to the song, which as far as I can tell, talks about having Christ in you.

The closest I have come to having Christ in me is sleeping with a guy name Jesus after a weekender binge on mojito tequila cosmotini shots and guac, but maybe this video will resonate a little more with you.

If nothing else, you might learn some super-sick Christian dance moves to bust out at your next anti-abortion rally.

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