Culture Spotting: 10 Stupid Social Media Stats

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 pinterest inspiration

I don’t know, maybe you wonder about these things sometimes. I, for instance, sit on Facebook late at night thinking, “Is my amount of friends normal?” or “Do I care too much about my privacy settings?” or “Should I get mad at my friends who aren’t on Twitter?” What’s the deal with Instagram, really? Should I consider rehab for Pinterest use? So many questions are coursing through my mind, so I’ve decided to clear a few things up. Chances are, you wondered about at least a few of these at some point in your social media life, so read on for some fun and fascinating stats.

1. 25% of Facebook users don’t bother with any sort of privacy control.

2. An average Facebook user has 130 friends.

3. 85% of women are annoyed by their friends on Facebook.

4. 32% of all Internet users are using Twitter.

5. 11 accounts are created every second on Twitter.

6. Sandy was an InstaSensation: Instagram users uploaded more than 800,000 photos of Hurricane Sandy using the hashtag #Sandy.

7. 40% of brands have adopted Instagram for marketing.

8. 97 percent of the fans of Pinterest’s Facebook page are women – surprised?

9. Users spend an average of 16 minutes on Pinterest a visit…oh, so 3 hours at a time isn’t average?

10. 57 percent of Pinterest users interact with food-related content, the #1 category of content.


(statistics as of 11/29/12 [via])

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