Cupcakes for Breakfast

Written by Lana


Just what I need — an excuse to eat more bacon and cupcakes. As if having the occasional leftover cupcake for breakfast wasn’t enough, now my local Chicago cupcake store, Phoebe’s Cupcakes, is tempting me with a cupcake specifically designed to be eaten for breakfast.

This little beauty is a pancake-flavored buttermilk cake soaked in maple syrup, topped with a maple cream frosting and fresh bacon, and a touch of cinnamon.

Phoebe’s Cupcakes’ Executive Pastry Chef Kate McNamara said, “With Phoebe’s Cupcakes opening early in the morning, I created this cupcake specifically for our breakfast customers and to offer something different, with both a savory and sweet flavor.”

So there are other nuts out there besides me who actually make it a point to stop by a cupcake store for breakfast?

In addition to the breakfast cupcake, Phoebe’s offers 200 other premium gourmet cupcake flavors, ranging from classics like red velvet and carrot cake to more exotic flavors like key lime pie and salted caramel (Tried it. Love it.). Each cupcake is hand-baked fresh throughout the day in small batches by culinary school trained pastry chefs.


Phoebe’s Cupcakes is located at 3327 N. Broadway Ave.
, between Aldine Avenue and Buckingham Place.


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