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The Curve Cure for Brazilian Butt Lifts

Written by Bryce

Brazilian butt lift surgeries are on the rise– women across the country are heading to plastic surgeons to create that perfect, dome-like butt that’s become associated with Brazilian women.

What most women don’t realize is how uncomfortable the healing process is.

“To get the best results from your Brazilian butt lift, you should stay off your butt for 3 full months after your surgery. This 3 month period is necessary for the newly transferred fat cells to fully graft and settle into their ‘new home’ in the butt. By keeping pressure off the butt during this 3 month period, more fat cells in the butt are retained, and the butt shape is preserved,” says Vanessa Kamau, CEO, inventor, and founder of Curve Cure.

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That’s a lot of time and effort to keep precious fat cells in the right place, and certainly no easy task for someone accustomed to a normal life of sitting, laying, and even driving.

“The Curve Cure Cushion is in an inflatable chair cushion that allows patients recovering from a Brazilian Butt Lift to comfortably sit down without applying pressure to the butt (and newly transferred fat cells). The Curve Cure Cushion is the only BBL chair or cushion with a back support, allowing patients to sit all the way back instead of having to lean forward and balance their weight on their upper thighs.”

Life in the 3 months following a Brazilian butt lift isn’t very glamorous. Patients typically report swelling, leaking some blood or fluid, and general discomfort when it comes to finding a comfortable position to stay in for long periods of time– exactly why The Curve Cure was a necessary invention for such patients. It’s designed to use during meal time, sitting at work, driving in the car, going to the movies, or even plane travel.

“The Curve Cure Cushion has 3 interchangeable vinyl cushions: 1 back rest, and 2 leg cushions of different heights to choose from. These pieces are attached with velcro. It’s is inflatable and deflatable for those patients who want to be discrete, lightweight, and is easily wiped down and cleaned (your surgical drains will leak and spill blood and other fluids onto your chairs and bedding).”

Curve Cure is launching this Fall and the cushion is expected to retail under $100, including a foot air pump and tote bag.

Editorial update: it seems Curve Cure was never fully launched, but we found several popular alternatives for BBL patients, including this icy sitting pillow (which is also less expensive), and this extremely inexpensive post-BBL car cushion for when you’re ready to get back to your regularly scheduled life.

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