Cute Animal Toothbrush Holders For Your Bathroom

Written by Elizabeth Mitchell

Inject a dose of cuteness into your bathroom with an animal toothbrush holder.

They’re cute, they’re cuddly and we promise they don’t bite! We recently came across these super adorbs and seriously affordable animal toothbrush holders from (they’re only $9!) and knew we had to share them with you guys. We especially love the hippo because he has such striking blue eyes, knows how to open wide (yup, product descriptions don’t lie) and even “comes complete with a drain at the base of his chubby hippo body.” Yay, he’s chubby too! He also kind of reminds us of the Pillsbury Doughboy, so we’d imagine it’d be pretty fun to poke him in the tummy and watch him giggle in the AM before we brush our teeth. Hoo-Hoo!

Whale Toothbrush Holder

Owl Toothbrush Holder

Elephant Toothbrush Holder

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