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Dead Fish: The Ultimate Beauty Accessory?

dead fish makeup
Written by Gary

A Russian makeup artist creates controversy by using dead fish in her makeup.

dead fish makeup

It never ceases to amaze me when something crazy happens in either Russia or Asia, so even though the thought of putting dead fish on my face is appalling, I’m not really that surprised.

Elya Bulochka, a makeup artist from Moscow has gotten a lot of backlash for killing, then using angelfish and neons to use as facial accessories in fashion shoots. She posted the pics to Instagram, and pissed off some of her 25,000 followers (the ones that love animals at least), who said it wasn’t art, just another stupid person killing animals for nothing.

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The theme of the shoot was ‘mermaids’, although I kind of think actual mermaids probably wouldn’t kill their fishy cousins. When I look at these photos, I don’t really see art either. The rhinestones look like something you would find in a drag queens trash bin, and the dead fish are placed on the faces haphazardly, covered in ‘sea foam’ that actually looks like dishwashing soap, or the results of a pleasant evening of bukkake with a troup of Japanese businessmen.

So my problem isn’t really that she killed these fish, but that they were killed to create something that would make Lisa Frank roll over in her grave.

dead fish makeup dead fish makeup

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