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Decor Spotting: An Elegant Way to Divide a Room

Written by Gary

A good friend once gave me a sage piece of advice. He told me that I shouldn’t work where I sleep. In the age of technology, we are more often than not tempted to use our laptops in our beds and work from home as much as possible. In a place like New York where space is at a premium, we often find ourselves holed up in our tiny apartments working away like ants in an overpriced anthill with rats and sheisty landlords.

A great way to separate your sleeping and working environment is with some sort of room divider, and curtains are probably the easiest and most affordable way to do that. If you buy fabric and make them yourself, you can customize the length. Floor to ceiling curtains not only look elegant, but they make a room look bigger, Make sure to add about two extra feet to create a chic bunching look on the floor.

Implement some sassy curtains into your decor, and I promise you will sleep better knowing that you aren’t bringing your work to bed with you.

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