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Decor Spotting: Fantasy Outdoor Living Room

fantasy outdoor living room
Written by Gary

It may not be realistic for every house, especially if you live in a tiny walk-up in the city and your bath-tub is the same size as your kitchen sink, but this fantasy outdoor living room in the middle of a pool is a design dream, and should serve as inspiration for us all.

fantasy outdoor living room

I am in love with any place that mixes the comfort of indoors with the ambiance of the outdoors. Can you imagine having friends over for a drink, and then deciding to take an impromptu dip in the pool, while you are eating dinner or watching the game? Imagine all the outdoor sex you could have without having to worry about bugs, dirt, or uncomfortable knee-bruising from kneeling on concrete. Or, if you are romantic, imagine laying on the sofa bed with your guy, looking up at the stars and reflecting on your barren uterus. Photos of these make me wonder why we haven’t been doing this all along; outdoor living rooms are obviously the future of interior/exterior design.

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