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Decor Spotting: How to create a dream bedroom

Written by Gary

When it comes to decorating your bedroom there are obviously as many choices and methods as there are vials of cocaine in Lindsay Lohan’s purse. Some people just decorate according to what they like, while others pick a pleasant scheme to follow. My personal decorating style is somewhere in the middle but no matter how you do it there is one tip that can absolutely work for you, if you put a little thought into it.

Before designing your bedroom, think of a dream vacation that you would one day like to go on. Then, imagine what the hotel would look like. Some people’s idea of a dream vacation is just getting away from the crying, screaming, whining of their children for a measly five seconds while others vacation all the time (those bitches). Regardless though, you escape can be to a posh, upscale hotel; a trendy,unique boutique; or a relaxing waterfront villa. You can use the inspiration from that hotel to create a bedroom that makes you feel like you are on vacation every day (Chocolates on your pillow not included – unless you have a gay husband).

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