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Decor Spotting: Keeping Libraries Alive in Your Decor

Written by Gary


I was recently given a private tour of the Queen Mary II. It was an exquisitely appointed luxury liner with some truly beautiful amenities. I was a little confused when I entered the library though, because I hadn’t seen one in so long that I thought they became extinct, like unicorns.

In the day and age of downloading, libraries have become sadly obsolete. There is still something to be said for books and the experience of reading, however. Like watches, books just have to find a way to overcome their own extinction. Watch companies now pay much more attention to design and fashion (I have plenty of friends who wear watches, I have 1 friend who actually uses his watch to tell time). Books, especially antique books can be used to add an air of distinction to any interior.  Nowadays you can pick them up for a steal and class up your joint rather easily.

And hey, if Armageddon ever arrives or the power goes out, you will be entertained for weeks.


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