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Decor Spotting: These Rooms Give Us Bedroom Eyes

Written by Elizabeth Mitchell

Beautiful bedrooms to make the most of your sleepy time

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Moving sucks. The packing, the unpacking (ugh, such a drag), the making sure those shifty mover guys you hired on a whim don’t break and/or steal half your shit and — this is the worst part — shelling out a crap load of money for an apartment that you probably wouldn’t even be living in except for the fact that you willingly (yes, willingly) chose to reside in one of the most expensive cities in the US. FML. So what does that mean for you and your kind-of-but-not-really sleek new pad? Definitely no walk in closet. Yeah, WTF.

BUT (there is a but), if you can get past all of that, moving can be fun. No, really—we promise. The best part about transitioning to a new place is that you get a fresh start. You can decorate however you want and really make the place your own, especially the bedroom, since that’s where all the good stuff goes down anyway. Right? Right!

So, to give you a little inspiration, here are a few behind closed doors design ideas that totally seduced us:

Give your room a rustic, antique feel with an exquisite reclaimed pine cabinet and an Italian campaign canopy bed fit for a queen.

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Small room? No sweat. Hide your bed on the ceiling by day and drop it down low to slumber in at night. Mobile Bed by Espace Loggia

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Seriously can’t stop looking at this. Create some drama in your new space by pairing contrasting (yet somehow complementary?) colors for a bold, beautiful bedroom effect. The custom built-in shelves are pretty rad too.

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