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Decor Spotting: Upcycled World Globe

Written by Ashley

Junk to Treasure: Globe Edition


While perusing/cleaning/sorting out my parent’s insanely cluttered attic a while back, helping to FINALLY purge all the junk they’ve been holding on to, I stumbled upon a couple of old, dirty globes. They were likely there from the people that owned the house before we moved in, and they were CLASSIC — I’m talkin’ U.S.S.R., unrecognizable Eastern Europe type shit. Mesmerized by the coolness, I gladly kept my hoarding tendencies alive and cleaned them up to decorate my room in the house that has since become quite vacant; I’ve moved all my things to my NYC apartment, after all.  One of the globes is noticeably cracked on the top, and thanks to Skimaco I know what to do with it, rather than forcing it to face a certain direction, ass of Australia out.

Looks like I know what I’ll be doing at my parent’s house, in between caroling and binge drinking over the holidays!

VIA Skimbaco

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