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Decor Spotting: Wild Lamps

Written by Ashley

Illuminate your life with these quirky lamp finds

Lampin (verb): To just chill back and relax while being totally unproductive.   “Said she’s just lampin, chillin on campus” – Kanye West

(Source: Urban Dictionary)

While I love to ‘lamp’, I have an even more enjoyable time getting in to how these magical light up machines help to illuminate a room.

Nieuwe Heren Fold Up Chair/Lamp (Champ?): Will fold easily against the wall – and pull out to plug in and read on the fly.

Lindsey Adelman Studios Knotty Bubbles: Nautical, illuminating and a cool piece to put in to an otherwise stark room.

Mykiss Fish Lamp: Kind of cool, a little creepy – but no fishy smell!

Lane Patterson Lamps & Lampshades: Old Man Lane finds old rubble, license plates, jars, stones and whatever else he can get his artistic little hands on to create some of the most beautifully randomly designed lamps I’ve ever seen, each one of a kind.

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