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Celebrate 40 Years of Style With Diane von Furstenberg

Written by corey

Over the weekend, fashion powerhouse Diane von Furstenberg held her 40th anniversary fashion show. This season, she opted to show at a new space in TriBeCa instead of the famous Tents. It’s absolutely crazy to think that the mother of American fashion has been taking part in the world of fashion for 40 years. We all know how she got her claim to fashion fame…the wrap dress. 

While I was not in attendance, it’s clear to see that von Furstenberg knows how she started. She payed homage to her success by opening the show with a beautiful gold jacquard wrap dress. The show was a celebration of everything DVF stands for — female empowerment without sacrificing style. As DVF did her finale lap around the runway, the floors were covered in gold confetti that rained down upon those in attendance and the lovely models donning her fashions.


As usual, the collection was a celebration of women from all walks of life. Sure…the price tag on a DVF piece isn’t cheap but either are the women who wear her designs. It’s about celebrating yourself and your accomplishments. This season, we celebrated all of DVF’s accomplishments. Not to mention, she’s one of the biggest supporters of American fashion and sits as President of the CFDA. She’s the mother to designers old and new and is always available to lend a helping hand.

Diane was inspired for her 40th anniversary by the same thing that inspired her wrap dress — the Ballet Russes. Collectively, it was clear that von Furstenberg knew where she came from but didn’t want the show to reek of nostalgia. Diane told Style.com, “I used to take the wrap dress for granted, and sometimes I even resented it. Now that I decided to honor it, I’m proud of it, of its timelessness.” 

Cheers to you Diane!


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