Discounted Van Cleef Earrings Exist? And Unicorns, Too?

Written by Bryce

Discounted Van Cleef earrings are more enchanting than a unicorn, if you ask me.

A PR gal sent me a release today saying that she had access to discounted Van Cleef earrings. Discounted? By how much? I read on and saw that the discounted Van Cleef earrings in question were discounted by 75%. Immediately I thought “nope, can’t be real… file this under ‘spam’ and carryon with life.” Then I realized that not only was the PR gal in question being totally honest, but it was my civic duty to inform my fine jewelry loving friends of such a steep discount.

The discounted Van Cleef earrings are a particularly jazzy pair from the current collection at If you’re not already familiar with the website, they take mega luxe designer goods that are either new, gently worn, or in great shape and sell them on consignment. Imagine some fab gal getting these Van Cleef earrings for their original $28,000 pricetag from a lover, then finding out that lover has another lover, and quickly saying “to hell with these earrings… I’ll sell them and pay my rent!” And then you come in, buy them at $7,000 and everyone and their mother thinks you’re the fanciest lady in town.

Anyway, you’re welcome, and here’s the link to purchase the Van Cleef delights.

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