DIY Carrera Marble Nails (your counters aren’t enough)

Written by Allison
Carrera marble nails will match your bathroom vanity, and that’s obvi what you’re looking for in life.

Carrera marble is one of the interior trends we never thought would last so long. It’s crisp and clean and obviously very luxurious so we are totally down for marble to stay a thing pretty much forever. If you just can’t get enough marble in your home, or in your life in general, this DIY Carrera marble nails tutorial is going to be so your speed.

Marble Nails

For the ultimate clean marble look, start with a white polish as a base. My natural nails are more than a little beat up right now and are not up to snuff for such an upscale manicure. To make up for it I applied Kiss false nails and filed them to be a more comfortable length.

Marble Nails 1

To create the marbled effect you will need a dark gray polish and a very fine brush. There are a lot of different ways to get a marbled effect that need bowls of water, spray bottles of rubbing alcohol, and liquid latex. Those are a huge pain and don’t give as nice of a finished marble nails effect. For this marbled mani you’ll want to use your fine brush and draw squiggly lines all over to mimic the veins in marble.


Marble Nails

For a multi-layered marble nails effect, paint over the nails with a very thin coat of white polish. This will tone down the gray lines you just put on so you can get more depth out of your manicure. After this step give yourself a break to catch up on a rerun of your favorite HGTV show (mine is Tiny House Hunting, it’s bonkers) as your nails totally dry.

Marble Nails

To finish your marble manicure add thinner lines of the gray polish. You’ll want to follow over some of the other gray areas you’ve already done, but make a few very thin gray lines that are on their own. Top it all off with a dense top coat to seal all the layers together. If you have a UV light and some clear gel polish, you can even go in that direction for a longer lasting nail hack.

Marble Nails

Marble Nails

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