Don’t Jerk and Drive in South Dakota

dont jerk and drive
Written by Gary

A recent ad in South Dakota warns drivers against ‘jerking and driving’.

dont jerk and drive

Back when I had a car, I used to keep a roll of paper towels under the seat. This roll was in the event of any random messes I might create, but that list also includes jerking off while driving on road trips, and random sex on the foldout seats, since I drove a hatchback. Needless to say, I think most men jerk and drive, so its funny that South Dakota of all places, was the first to bring it up.

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The ‘jerk and drive’ campaign was meant to keep drivers aware of their surroundings, and prevent them from jerking the steering wheel unnecessarily when driving on ice. Apparently, some South Dakotans got a little outraged at the double entendre, and the secretary of the Department of Public Safety decided to pull the ad.

Shame on you, South Dakota. Where is your sense of humor?

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