Tiara Rings for the Royally Inclined

Written by Bryce

How cute are these little tiara rings? 

If you’re the type of gal who tends to feel like her blood is bluer than average, you might be inclined to wear one of these jazzy little tiara rings. A regular tiara is a little to “come to my sweet 16 and also the year is 1998” but there’s something so effortlessly cute about rings that subtly send out the princess signals for you. And, since the tiara rings in the photo are only $18 a piece, you can pick up some extras for any other known princesses in your life.

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Side note: these are also a great gift for the men in your life who are simply too demanding. Package one of these rings up with a hand-written “anything else, your majesty?” note and the point will be driven home in total style. Plus, they make super cute tiny engagement rings.

Available here for $18 each.

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