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Dumpster Diving Design: Tammy Roy

Written by Ashley

Heavy Metal Chick Brings Trash to Treasure

Nut Bowl $130

The term ‘dumpster diving’ took on a whole new meaning, after reading the story of designer Tammy Roy, who proves one man’s trash is another woman’s treasure. Her Chicago based design studio seemingly stems from her background as a graphic artist — but mostly just screams ‘whateva – this sh*t’s cool‘ to me. Roy literally peruses scrap yards & junk piles to weld & meld these pieces into sophisticated art that puts the perfect level of heavy, heavy metal into whichever aesthetic you’re workin’ with.

Small Washer Bowl $99

Reclaimed Tool Bowl $275

Tammy Roy // Sawbridge Studios, 153 West Ohio Street, Chicago (312-828-0055) // 1015 Tower Road, Winnetka (847) 441-2441 and on-line at

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