Easy DIY Evil Eye Nails

Written by Allison
Want good energy in 2017? Rock this easy peasy evil eye nails look to keep the badness at bay.

If you’re feeling the pressures of outside evil on your everyday life, you need some sort of evil eye protection. Like evil eye nails. These little painted on amulets are both super fashionable, and easy to do yourself. You don’t even need a steady hand to do this manicure! All you need is the ability to paint on some dots. Ready to arm your self (or at least your nails)? Follow along with this easy DIY evil eye nails tutorial.

To do your own evil eye nails you’ll need nail polish in white, blue, black, a fun color for the rest of your nail and a top coat. As for tools, all you need are circle shaped stickers (or tape if you feel like cutting out circle shapes). Last thing is a dotting tool. If you don’t have one, you can always make one by using a round head pin or a bobby pin. Hack your mani tools, we’re into it.

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Step 1: Paint Your Nails White

The easiest way to get a really nice, opaque white for your evil eye nails is to start with a white base. White nail polish runs the gamut of pigment. Some you only need two coats, some take up to four! It can be a bit of a pain, but you do need it to be nice and opaque, especially near your cuticle. Let the white polish totally dry fully before moving on to the next step.


Step 2: Create Half Moon Shape

To make the shape of the eye, work with your stickers and the shape of your cuticle to judge placement. Place your stickers and really press them into your nails to get a good seal. Then, paint the rest of your nail with your accent color. Here we’re using Color Club Halo Graphic because it’s a pretty lilac shade that can change color in different lights. Go one nail at a time, and remove the sticker while your polish is still wet. That will give the cleanest line.


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Step 3: Clean Up the Eye Shape, Add the Iris 

If your eye shape didn’t come out perfectly, take your dotting tool to add white polish to fix any little wiggles. It takes an extra second, but its worth it to have your evil eye shape totally perfect. Also, take your dotting tool and put a bright blue iris right in the center of the eye. You’ll want your iris to be larger than the pupil coming up next, so you may need to use the dotting tool to create a larger circle.


Step 4: Finishing Touches

To finish this manicure make a smaller black dot in the center of the blue to make the pupil. Wait a few (like 15) minutes until your manicure is totally dry. If you try to apply the top coat when the dots in the eye are still wet, they will smear pretty easily. So, let it dry, trust. Then, you can apply your favorite shiny top coat and enjoy your evil eye nails.


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